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About our Lab.

In Tokai of Ibaraki Prefecture, there are two world-class facilities of quantum beam science, J-PARC and research reactor JRR-3. Since Ibaraki University locates by the facilities, it is our an advantage in quantum beam science or materials science using high quality quantum beam. A distinctive feature of Ohoyama Lab. is investigation of materials science and development of novel techniques using such facilities.

In 2018 FY, the members of our Lab. are 1 staff, 3 master course students and 2 undergraduate students.

Main field of our Lab. is solid state physics, materials science and neutron science. Using neutrons and X-rays, we investigate properties of materials on a microscopic view point.

Main activity of Ohoyama Lab. Is development of world-first“white neutron holography, which is the unique technique to observe atomic structures around dopant in functional materials. Most of functional materials, such as Si semiconductors, the properties and performance can be controlled by doping of foreign elements. Thus, slight change around dopants must play important role for the performance. However, usual diffraction technique which is the main probe of observation of atomic structures cannot observe such local structures around dopant because of lack of translation symmetry of atomic structures. Holography is the uniqe probe to observe such local structures in 3 dimensional space

In Tolkai campus of Ibaraki Univ., there are many excellent instruments which we can use for our investigations. Moreover, many scientists in various academic fields are working in the same building. This academic circumstance stimulate students who study in Tokai.

Experimental Hall of J-PARC。

A results of analysis of data obtained in J-PARC, which is called a hologram.