Ohoyama Lab. is investigating properties of materials by clarifying atomic and magnetic structures using neutron and other quantum beams. In particular, a characteristic technique we use is "white neutron holography". For such experiments, we often use Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, J-PARC (Ibaraki, Japan). Our Lab. is located by the J-PARC, fortunately.

Full Members of 2019FY in front of the instrument BL10 of J-PARC

Recent Activities

2020.08.24 The followoing paper submitted to Phys. Rev. B has been published, which reports local fluctation of Sm and B around Sm in 2% Sm doped RB6 (R: Yb, La)

Behavior of Sm in the boron-cage of Sm-doped RB6 (R=Yb,La) observed by multiple-wavelength neutron holography

S. Uechi, K. Ohoyama,Y. Fukumoto, Y. Kanazawa, N. Happo, M. Harada, Y. Inamura, K. Oikawa, W. Matsuhra, F. Iga, A. K. R. Ang, and K. Hayashi
Phys. Rev. B 102, 054104 (2020).

2020.4.3 Three undergraduate Students have joined our Lab.
2020.4.1 We have succesefully got finacial supports from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Hydrogenomics" project (1.7million JPY) of Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology, Japan, and from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A) (20.9million JPY) of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan. 2020.3.24 Two master course students were graduated. 2020.3.20  Our article "Preparation, thermoelectric properties, and crystal structure of boron-doped Mg2Si single crystals" has been publisehd in AIP Advances.
Link ->https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5143839

2020.2.14 Our Article "Tetragonality induced superconductivity in anti-ThCr2Si2-type RE2O2Bi (RE = rare earth) with Bi square net" has been publised on Dalton Transactions Link ->Link to the Paper

2020.1.10 Yamamoto-kun (M1) got an excellent poster prize in 1st Int. Symposium "Hydrogenomics" combined with 14th Int. Symposium "Hydrogen & Energy" held in Sappro, Japan
2019.12.14 Prof. Ohoyama gave a Keynote presentation in International Conference, Materials Research Meeting 2019 (MRM2019) in Yokohama Japan

2019.11.7 Our article "A case of multifunctional intermetallic compound: negative thermal expansion coupling with magnetocaloric effect in (Gd,Ho)(Co,Fe)2 " has been publised on Inorg. Chem. Front.
Link -> Link to the paper

2019.11.7 Prof. Ohoyama gave a invited presentation about whie neutron holography" in 14th International Conference on the Structure of Non-Crystalline Materials in Kobe, Japan.

2019.10.17 Our article "Investigation of magnetism and magnetic structure of anti-ThCr2Si2-type Tb2O2Bi by magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements" has been publised on AIP Advances
Link-> https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5126399

2019.9.16 Prof. Ohoyama gave a invited presentation in the 80th Autum Meeting of Japan Society ofApplied Physics in Sappro, Japan.

2019.4.1 We have succesefully got finacial supports from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Hydrogenomics" project, and from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) .

2018 FY

Ohoyama Lab. is now Laboratry with 5 active students!

2017 FY

Ohotama Lab. moved to Tokai Campus with 3 students.

2016 FY

2016 Fy
Ohoyama Laboratory started with two fresh students.

2015 FY

2015 FY

2015.4.1 Prof. Ohoyama arrived at his new position in Ibaraki Univ.